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Designing is a key element of the overall app-creation process. It’ll either let your app down or have everyone talking about it. Time and money spent on designing the app interface and UX are always worthy in the end. Most successful apps will have awe-inspiring designs because it’s considered to be a mark of user-care! While the overall functionality is significant to app’s success, it’s near-impossible to do without an eye-catching design. Apptunix has a team of designers that are fussy about tiny pixels and their placements. Our work speaks for ourselves. Everything we do with apps revolves around their designing. We don’t rest until we’ve cracked the designing-code for your app. Where others just boast about their work, we get it delivered!



Before we get busy, we like to do a bit of pre-planning. What’s your business about? What’s your app’s idea? Is it feasible enough? Will it help? What are the hurdles to your business? What’s your TA’s behavior like and how tough is your competition? That’s epic brainstorming, but it doesn’t take too long when we’re doing it! We get to the very depth of your idea and conceive the best possible way to express it in form of an app. We design, then redesign and continue to tinker until we get to the ultimate. We’ve got the mojo to convert your idea into a stunning mobile app.



Once the idea discovery is over, we draw out rough sketches of what your app would look like. The idea behind prototyping is that no first design is perfect. So it’s a trial and error approach until we get everything right. From visualizing the entire user-journey through the app, the layout of each and every single screen to button designs and graphical effects, prototype covers every aspect. Further taking into account the business needs, user-behavioral patterns, and the app’s objective, we look to offer the best in terms of user experience. Once the paper-sketches seem convincing enough, the actual app designing can begin.



The UI is all about making things easier for your users. So a lot depends on how they wish to be helped. The UI design is the very focal point of the app and this is where we like to flex our creative muscle. Defining the right user-flow is the key thing here. We know how to get it right! We delve deep into the user-patterns to create an engaging and interactive user-interface. Keeping the entire functionality top-notch with super-easy UI is what we seek to achieve with every app development. Let your iOS, Android, and Responsive web apps bask in the glory of our stunning UI designs.



Visual designing is a distinct language in which your app communicates with your users. Visual design and branding are inseparable from the business. The visual branding just like any other aspect of mobile app development should appeal to your audience. Again, we get busy here, we know what will get your audience buzzing! Getting into the very psyche of the users, we set the design that’s easily recognizable and adds value to your business. Your brand is the tool to make a major breakthrough in your market. Realize the full potential of your mobile app with the leading mobile app design and development brand i.e. xcellity.




Yes, our team at Apptunix is very well updated with the latest designing skills. Our designs are very much appreciated and liked by our clients.

It takes average 4-5 days time to design a website or an app. The timeline for designing an app or a website depends on the number of pages/screen it will have.

We have the best designers with many successful projects and excellent reputation. We are ranked 1st because of our high-quality service, delivering projects breathtaking and beautiful designs.

Our Designs are very much appreciated by users. They are simple, elegant and user engaging.

We will provide you with the three initial templates. The one that will be approved by you, we will proceed with it.

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