A Cross-Platform App DevelopmentFramework Backed By None Other Than Google

Flutter is a mobile app development SDK created by Google for developing top-notch native interfaces for iOS and Android devices in record time. It powers businesses by letting them build superior, high-fidelity, apps for both platforms using a single codebase.

The framework is equipped with the benefits of Dart Programming language, which is very familiar to JavaScript. It also has a cutting-edge react-style framework, ready-made widgets, 2D rendering engine, and various development tools that work together to enable you to build, design, test, and debug robust and beautiful mobile apps.

Why Flutter App Development Is TheKey To Grow Your Business?

Every new technology carries with it a bunch of new features that help make it more engaging and intriguing. Let’s have a look at the advantages of flutter app development.

Fast Development

Give life to your app idea in millisecondswith Hot Reload.

Expressive And Flexible UIs

Fantastically fast rendering withbeautiful and flexible designs.

Native-Like App Performance

Apps created with Flutter perform exactly like Native Apps and never crash.


Developing New Realms With Flutter App Development Services

Mobile App Developers at Xcellity are always eager to learn and adopt new technologies in the industry. We are early adopters of Flutter and following are some of the traits that make us the Best flutter app development company.

We Know Flutter - In And Out

Flutter app developers at Xcellity are blessed with a strong blend of creativity which causes us to build creative solutions for you. We have an in-house team of dart engineers, experienced testers and material theming experts to enable businesses build apps that are powerful and robust.

Every Project Is Special For Us

For us, every mobile app is different. That's why we use a personalized approach for developing each app to give your mobile app the perks it deserves. Along with a personalized approach, we use an agile development process to accomplish every task we receive.

Your Idea is Protected

We value the confidentiality of our client's information. Doesn't matter what the complications are, your data is always safe in our hands. Also, our team will assist you with every complexity by providing workarounds & Bug-fixes to security reviews and application updates.

Our Experience of Working on Flutter

Since the inception of Flutter in 2018, we have helped a number of our clients in developing robust apps using flutter. We also helped businesses in shifting their React Native apps to Flutter mobile apps. In the process, we have learned amazing strategies that deliver apps expressive and powerful than ever.


What Say Our Happy Client

What Makes Flutter

A Suitable Choice For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Flutter is a promising innovation by Google for Quick App Development. It is an open-source framework used to build cross-platform apps faster for Android and iOS. The ease, features, and power of customization that Flutter app development brings has given it a developing fan base

Enhanced Performance With Dart

Dart empowers Flutter to develop powerful and scalable mobile apps quickly. The use of Dart in Flutter dispenses the requirement for a JavaScript bridge and enhances performance.

Hot Reload

Flutter in a flash shows the aftereffect of your code change on the mobile app screen itself, making the app development process quicker.

Material Design and Cupertino

Flutter gives another significance to Cross-Platform Apps with widget library made of both - Cupertino (Apple) and Material Design (Google).

Lesser Coding Using Dart

Flutter is based on Dart, a PL that has an easy learning curve. Also, developing Dart libraries make writing in Flutter a matter of few code lines.


Other frameworks for cross-platform app separate view controllers, layouts and various properties while Flutter comes with these widgets as a unified object model.

Want To See The Comparison Of Flutter With Other Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks?

While selecting a framework for cross-platform app development, it is crucial that you do every possible research to find and try the best one. Here is something to help you.